Bobby Ricketts Selected as a B’fair Brand Ambassador

This is more than just a bike. It’s a b’fair bike, aesthetically designed in Denmark by Tobias Jacobsen; sustainably and equitably produced with superior workmanship in the country of Bangladesh.

B’fair operates on the premise that education is the first step out of poverty. Having to work all day just to survive, more than half of all children in Bangladesh never go to school. Every sale of a b’fair bicycle helps support the education of a Bangladeshi child. Find out how to order your bike at

I’m proud of my association with the B’fair brand, a company whose values are completely in sync with my own, as well as my endeavors in various parts of the world, promoting social equity through music.

Following the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the b’fair group is a sustainable business and fair trade-inspired brand that develops quality products produced in Bangladesh, to support vulnerable children in that country. With their philanthropic way of doing business, b’fair seeks to help realize the fulfillment of a child’s right to education.

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