(In Pursuit Of) Presence & Flow, Pt. 1

Dialogue is something I had previously perceived as “discussion”, oftentimes neither constructive nor generative, but just talk. Theoretical physicist David Bohm’s description (below) altered my perception regarding dialogue’s potential, the dynamics of which I subsequently began to register more attentively through personal reflective/meditative practice, in professional encounters, and even during brief, random interactions with strangers – which on occasion can be surprisingly meaningful.

Here’s what Bohm had to say: Continue reading “(In Pursuit Of) Presence & Flow, Pt. 1”

(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 4

At age 17, I won a scholarship to a summer music camp at University of New Hampshire (Durham), and one of my instructors, Professor David Seiler, raved about this album by Miles Davis called Bitches Brew, for the whole 2 weeks. So I bought the album when I returned home, placed the vinyl disc on the turntable with the greatest of expectations, and then took it off – immediately. There was something spooky about the whole thing, just like when I heard Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” for the first time. Continue reading “(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 4”

(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 3

Growing up as a young musician, and having non-musician friends whose exposure to music was limited to whatever happened to be playing on top 40 radio, was, at times – and strictly musically speaking – a hassle. At parties, on the beach, cruising in the car -it was often a struggle to get someone to put on some, not just music, but great music. Y’know, “my car, my rules”… Continue reading “(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 3”

(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 2

I played a load of different kinds of music growing up. Under the tutelage of the incredible teachers in the music dept. of the Waltham MA school system, I was introduced to symphonic music, chamber music, big band music, and much, much more. And I loved it all. The intricacies of melody, harmony, rhythm, counterpoint, dynamics, timbre… Whether I was playing clarinet (my first instrument), bass clarinet, or saxophones, the physical sensation of creating a vibration resulting in sound which was then placed in context with a variety of sounds generated by others, was fascinating, mesmerizing. The ultimate, natural buzz.

Yet there was a disconnect. Continue reading “(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 2”

(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 1

A few years ago, my bud Peter Lund over in Helsingborg, Sweden asked me to compile a list of 10 albums which were influential in my musical development. There’s no way I could narrow that list down to a hundred, let alone ten… But how about the first ten albums, beginning from the years when I first began to get serious about playing? Continue reading “(In Pursuit Of) Cool Sound, Pt. 1”