(In Pursuit Of) Presence & Flow, Pt. 1

Dialogue is something I had previously perceived as “discussion”, oftentimes neither constructive nor generative, but just talk. Theoretical physicist David Bohm’s description (below) altered my perception regarding dialogue’s potential, the dynamics of which I subsequently began to register more attentively through personal reflective/meditative practice, in professional encounters, and even during brief, random interactions with strangers – which on occasion can be surprisingly meaningful.

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United States Arts Envoy Bobby Ricketts Empowers Cameroon Musicians

Source: U.S. Embassy Yaounde | U.S. Embassy Yaounde Facebook

American jazz musician Bobby Ricketts spent one week in Yaounde, Cameroon from June 28 through July 4, 2015 in which he offered skills-improvement workshops to 80 local musicians, performed for the general public on Tuesday, June 30 at O’Maeva Club; and on July 2nd , during the American Independence Day celebration, he performed for 1000 guests in attendance at the U.S. Embassy. Continue reading “United States Arts Envoy Bobby Ricketts Empowers Cameroon Musicians”

The Dar Jazz Event: A Platform for Transformation

“The jazz festival format is the perfect platform for interaction between foreign and local musicians, for cultivating a music industry infrastructure, for creating quality cultural experiences, and for educating and developing young talent. A music festival-based development platform will eventually evolve into a socioeconomic asset for Dar Es Salaam.” – Bobby Ricketts, Founder & Creative Director of The Dar Jazz Event

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