Delores Gallo Award Recipient

The “Delores Gallo Award for Creative Development and Outreach” is named after the UMass Boston CCT program founder.

“From his application statement the CCT faculty felt that Bobby could well serve as our teacher. What we have seen during his studies is a person who delves deeply into the perspectives, tools, and frameworks introduced in courses and weaves them into his evolving thinking and practice, while still making time to support his peers through hours of conversation outside class and comments on their drafts. We look forward to continuing to learn from Bobby as his music and mentorship influences audiences from the international concert hall to the local workshop.”

Congratulations to CCT award recipients Shawna Flaherty and Brad Kozel as well, and much gratitude to the rest of my brilliant UMass Boston CCT classmates, instructors, and professors: Ali, Amy, Andrew, Andy, Bill, Charity, Dan, David, Debra, Denise, Dominique, Edgar, Erica, Erik, Essy, Janell, Janet, Kate, Kaylea, Laura, Lauren, Marisa, Myra, Natasha, Paula, Pedro, Phil, Rachael, Ray, Sandra, Shuxia, Stephano, Ted, Wipa; Ben, Luanne, Suzanne; Arthur, Olen, Jeremy, and Peter – for literally ten thousand hours of inspired engagement, learning and insight during the past two and a half years!

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