Improvisational Jazz In The We-Space

Tune into The We-Space Summit on Tuesday October 10, 2017

In this Facilitation* panel discussion we are joined by Jazz Musicians and Professors Ed Sarath, Bobby Ricketts, Anthony Branker, Alex Rodriguez and their host Olen Gunnlaugson. Listen in as they explore the theme of Improvisational Jazz in the We-Space.

The conversation kicks off the question, “What currently allures you about Jazz as a viable inroad into the collective space of consciousness, learning and conversation?” The panelists move into exploring what gifts Jazz brings to the We-Space and how improvisation activates and works from the underlying ground of what Martin Buber termed, the interhuman sphere of the between.

Anthony begins by reflecting on the nature of relationships that improvisers experience, and the strengths of these connections to music making, where musicians almost seem to understand each other’s thoughts, predict each other’s intentions and there in turn decide where they will take their music at any given moment. This intersubjective spirit of the We revealed through playing Jazz then becomes the avenue through which the communication unfolds through the dialogic ideal, through a give and take and awareness of where the contributions come through those shared felt connections.

The panel moves into the inquiry and covers a wide swath of perspectives that shed new insight into the power of human relationship in improvisation and how the group setting is held with respect, openness, and understanding of a multiplicity of perspectives that evoke a way of embracing the music and life as a whole with the other and another. Through this power that shapes and informs us at more elemental levels of our perception, improvisation eventually activates the power of the We through the music.

Join us in this conversation as these Jazz panelists unpack the deeper insights and lessons into improvisation from their life and work in the collective.

* Facilitation supports the shift from the I to the We. Unlike conventional facilitation, groups in the We-Space attune to the relational dimension of collective wisdom and intelligence. This empowers each individual to new levels of optimal functioning. How do we sustain this level of functioning in our workplaces and when in conversation with colleagues? What methods, approaches and skillful means are being worked with currently to facilitate collective wisdom, collective intelligence, and collective healing? These and other questions will be explored in this emerging domain of We-Practice.