(In Pursuit Of) Presence & Flow, Pt. 1

Dialogue is something I had previously perceived as “discussion”, oftentimes neither constructive nor generative, but just talk. Theoretical physicist David Bohm’s description (below) altered my perception regarding dialogue’s potential, the dynamics of which I subsequently began to register more attentively through personal reflective/meditative practice, in professional encounters, and even during brief, random interactions with strangers – which on occasion can be surprisingly meaningful.

Here’s what Bohm had to say: Continue reading “(In Pursuit Of) Presence & Flow, Pt. 1”

United States Arts Envoy Bobby Ricketts Empowers Cameroon Musicians

Source: U.S. Embassy Yaounde | U.S. Embassy Yaounde Facebook

American jazz musician Bobby Ricketts spent one week in Yaounde, Cameroon from June 28 through July 4, 2015 in which he offered skills-improvement workshops to 80 local musicians, performed for the general public on Tuesday, June 30 at O’Maeva Club; and on July 2nd , during the American Independence Day celebration, he performed for 1000 guests in attendance at the U.S. Embassy. Continue reading “United States Arts Envoy Bobby Ricketts Empowers Cameroon Musicians”